The Seven Cs


Everything we do must have the customer at its center. We believe in putting our customers first, as a business we exist because of and for our customers, their success is directly proportional to our own. TnA Safety does not take their relationships lightly and is committed to continuously providing excellent customer service.


Character may be defined as what one does or does not do. These decisions are often ethical and value based. Our products and services aim to provide safety compliancy and our people aim to educate others in the features and benefits of our products and services.


Today and in the future TnA Safety wants to best serve their customer’s needs, ultimately to make a profound difference in the world with their continued support. We will accomplish this feat by bringing a sense of urgency to our work every day and by giving the best of ourselves to our customers.


We bring unique value to our customers through creating global safety awareness and maintaining safety mindedness at all times, we have a diverse safety product procurement offering that is virtually without limit, a personalized approach and a second to none customer service experience. This combination of product sourcing, specialization and safety mindedness brings our customers powerful advantages.


Creation is a commitment to innovation and growth on all levels. Based off of measurable results we will always be focused on building upon our team of customer service professionals, our product and service offerings and our outreach missions and organizational goals.


We will be competitive in products, services and professional acumen as compared to other industry leaders but our mission and goals will set us apart! We believe that our customer’s choice to make a difference in the world will do just that.


At TnA Safety our ultimate goal is to help make personal protection a global standard. We view the world as our workplace. By choosing to support TnA Safety financially through purchases, donations and gifts our customers are contributing to help us make the world a safer place. Please visit our blog: www.tnasafetyoutreach.com


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