Women in the Workforce

Working women make up an increasingly large proportion of the American workforce. While safety programs focus on workers, regardless of their sex, they more often than not ignore the unique challenges that women in the workforce often face. This is especially true when women enter non-traditional occupations, such as construction.

Men and women's bodies are obviously built differently. So why are women provided with the same personal protective equipment as their male colleagues? As a women in a "man's world" it is common to be issued PPE that does not fit properly: boots that require two pairs of socks, coveralls that fit tight across the chest but are too long in the arms, hardhats and safety glasses the slip off of small heads and faces and gloves that are so large that they make dexterity impossible and a potential safety hazard probable.

When women are required to wear poorly fitting garments or equipment, their safety is compromised. The safety gear may not function effectively or it may become a safety hazard itself by getting caught on other objects on the job.

A major reason for ill-fitting PPE is that standard-setting agencies often fix sizes, weights, and measurements based on the physique of the male Caucasian worker, often ignoring females and smaller males of other ethnic groups. One survey of manufacturers of protective equipment found that only 14% offered ear, head, and face protection in women's sizes. A larger percentage, 59%, offered foot protection in women's sizes. There is also a lack of knowledge among employers and workers about where to purchase protective safety equipment designed for a woman's body.

TnA Safety is leading the way in providing PPE made for women and those of smaller physique. We offer a wide variety of safety products made with women in mind. Our line of women's safety products are both functional and stylish. How about a pink hardhat? Or a pink tool belt that functionally supports Breast Cancer Awareness? Safety can be sexy! Lets go girls!!

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