MSA Altair® 4X Multigas Detector LEL, O2, CO, H2S | Mfg# 10107602

MSA Altair® 4X Multigas Detector LEL, O2, CO, H2S | Mfg# 10107602



MSA 10107602 MSA Altair 4X Multigas Detector (LEL, O2, CO, H2S)


The MSA Altair 4X Multigas Detector: MSA 10107602 is built on years of sensor design experience, MSA is revolutionizing sensor technology. With reliable, extended-life XCell Sensors, there's no need to replace sensors after two years. (Typical life greater than four years.) The MSA 10107602 Altair 4X Multigas Detector is configured to sense LEL, O2, H2S and CO. This multigas gas detector’s housing allows for easy operation, it features large glove-friendly buttons and the high-contrast display makes for easy reading even in low-light conditions, it is extremely durable and will survive a 20-foot drop. The MSA 10107602 ALTAIR 4X is powered by what is inside and has a new sensor technology that is proprietary to MSA called application specific integrated circuit design (ASIC). This new MSA XCell Sensor technology allows the sensors to last for up to four years! This is double the current industry average gas detector sensor lifespan of 2 years. MSA has shrunk the sensor technology and maximized its efficiency, MSA ALTAIR 4X XCell Sensors offer long-lasting accurate results, the gas detection sensor technology is a breakthrough in mechanical and chemical design which allows for quicker span gas calibration, this technology over time will save you and your company valuable time and money. The MSA ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector has several exclusive safety features and benefits such as InstantAlert and MotionAlert. MotionAlert kicks in when an operator becomes disabled or motionless, it will alert other workers on the job of the location of the disabled worker and the InstantAlert button acts as a warning to other workers in the area of a situation that might be hazardous. The MSA ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector blows away the portable monitor competition in user friendliness, design and proprietary technology, the 24-hour run time from a single charge exceeds the average industry standards! Save money and time, the 24-hour run time and quick charge times also means the purchase of fewer instruments to cover longer shifts at work and the three year manufacturer’s warranty coupled with an estimated four year sensor life expectancy from MSA can’t be beat! Trust the MSA ALTAIR 4X Multigas Detector with your life, it is perfect for work in confined spaces, combustible gas detection, toxic gas detection and oxygen detection.

MSA Altair 4X Multigas Detector Performance Features:

  • 4-gas XCell (O2, CO, H2S, LEL)
  • Full three-year warranty from MSA
  • MotionAlert feature is now standard
  • Rugged Housing withstands 20-foot drop 
  • Agency certified IP67 rating 
  • Four year sensor life - 60% longer then industry average
  • 24 hour run time
  • data logging
  • Fast, high-performing sensors
  • MSA exclusive MotionAlert & InstantAlert Features
  • Galaxy System compatible
  • Global approvals
  • Economically priced
  • MSA Link Software-ready
  • 50% less calibration gas used per minute then industry average 
  • Model: MSA 10107602

MSA Altair 4X Detector Includes

  • 120V Charger
  • Calibration Cap & Tubing
  • CD Manuel

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MSA Altair® 4X Multigas Detector LEL, O2, CO, H2S | Mfg# 10107602